All of our gate installation experts are certified through the American Fence Association’s Certified Automated Gate Operator Installer program. When you work with us, you know that you are getting the highest level of knowledge and expertise in the business and that you’ll receive a quality installation.

The CAGOI program covers many aspects of gate installation and servicing. We require our team members to be certified by this program because it provides a comprehensive education on everything you need to know to effectively install gates, and so that our entire team is on the same page when it comes to technical terms and installation processes. The program provides knowledge of gate parts and functions, as well as the different types and brands of gates, so that we can provide you with a comprehensive overview of your gate options. From there, gate installers learn how to analyze a property and properly choose the necessary gate size and features for it. This provides a foundation for learning more advanced skills, such as developing a schematic plan for the property and setting up an installation plan.

The process of the CAGOI certification is very thorough and requires aspiring gate installers and technicians to complete extensive training. Applicants first complete a self-study guide, where they learn about the most important concepts of gate installation. From there, they take a written exam covering the ideas they learned in this study course. To pass, test takers must achieve a score of eighty percent out of one hundred questions. From there, applicants must complete two years of field experience working for a gate installer to gain real-world experience. Once these two years have been completed, the final certification is issued. By requiring our gate installation experts to be certified, we ensure that you get the highest quality service when it comes to your gate installation.